When Did We Stop Living Bravely?

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[note to self, I don’t typically get involved in politics, but perhaps I have enough DNA akin to public affairs that I must apologize if this sounds like some violin chirping cricket. But since I was thinking anyway, I thought I’d briefly write it all down.) I was thinking about this American race to the […]

The Wind and the Sun

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In an argument to determine who is stronger, the wind and sun agree to try and get a traveler to remove his coat. The wind goes first and blows with all his might, which, of course, causes the traveler to pull his coat more tightly around him. The sun, however, pities the traveler and comes […]

Patina, wayfinding, and bliss

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Hiking is an arduous event. Really it’s exercise in its, uh, natural form. The unknown. The physicality. The mental and emotional exercise. That is, if you are hiking an unknown, a first-time hike. Versus a hike you do every Saturday with the ‘gang’. When you walk a hike you are more familiar with or has […]

Familia em Magualde

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Family is and will be mysterious in the canals it forms. And as an outsider floating along it appears to be rapids at every turn. I tend to be more of a surveyor than a guide, or a rower, or a rudder or captain. I can’t escape trying to throw family members the life preserver […]

Corn on the Cobb – Hard Skill Set

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Basically a designer encounters soft skills and hard skills. It’s a lifelong process – I’m at 22 years and still learning from everyone. There are some personality traits that seem to be important to being a good designer – but I don’t have time or energy to go through that list. Seriously Diva’s out there […]

Mushy Peas – Soft Skill Set

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Once upon a time I was approached by a friend, and then a young college grad, and then a graduating high school grad…What do I need to do to become a software designer? They want to join the glamorous, thought provoking and valued ranks of User Interface designers. It’s a reasonable journey though everyone does […]

Guest House -Come together

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It’s one of those breathe in. Breathe out. Moments. The guest house is on the final stage. Carpet on the way. Good time for some open air candid shots around the place.

Idiom a

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Complaining is wasteful. Either act or move on. Thinking life will be better in the future is stupid. Live now. Being untruthful always works against me. Helping other people always works for me. Money does not make me happy. Traveling alone is helpful for a new perspective. Traveling with someone is helpful for a new […]

Guest Bath

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Trying to be positive (and cheap), I really didn’t want to change anything out except the toilet. I mean, it had been there a long time and trust me, if you are going to purchase something new for a bathroom I feel a toilet is a good place to place your money. So what else? […]

I get by with a little help…

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paint, paint, linoleum headache and baseboards. Everything has become more of a chore. I wanted this to be funner. You know, HGTV funner. Nope. If JK isn’t on my nerves, I am on his. LG may be having fun… That’s when you call in friends to help you out. Referee, lawyer, or jester – it’s […]